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Introducing Kermit2.0: A Crypto Project that Redefines Possibilities! Prepare for a groundbreaking experience that goes beyond mere upgrades. Kermit2.0 is a revolution in the making, unleashing a world of innovation and adventure like never before! Combining state-of-the-art technology with awe-inspiring ideas, we're taking all the things you cherished about the original Pepe and propelling them into an entirely new realm of thrill!

Concept of Action

Kermit2.0 Token Holder Airdrop

Rewarding Kermit2.0 token holders with an exclusive airdrop, providing additional tokens as a gesture of appreciation and to foster continued support within the Kermit2.0 community.

Decentralized Governance Toolkit

Shape the future of Kermit2.0 through voting mechanisms and community proposals, empowering token holders to participate in decision-making and strategic initiatives.

Crypto Rewards Loyalty Program

Earn tokens for loyalty to participating businesses, unlocking exclusive discounts and perks, and enabling easy conversion to other cryptocurrencies.
Where the legacy of Pepe evolves into a boundless journey of possibilities, fueling a new era of innovation and prosperity." Kermit 2.0


Greetings! Our project focuses on utilizing advanced AI technology. We are planning to introduce a token for the project and subsequently release our AI product, the Kermit 2.0 Bot.
The available supply of tokens is 1,000,000 (1M).

Token supply breakdown :
100% allocation will be in Uniswap for public.
0% allocation to the team Our aim is to create a reliable and secure AI utility that provides significant value.


Buy Tax
Marketing 1% | Development 1% |


Sell Tax
Marketing 1% | Development 1%